J and I at Jason’s graduation ceremony. The cheeks!

My name is Christi. I live in Pittsburgh with my husband, Jason. We have two little ones: J, a four year-old boy, and P, a two year-old girl. Our pets include two snakes that live in our backyard compost (+ a new baby one that we found in the flowerbed!) and the 2,000 or so worms living in a vermicompost bin under our kitchen table.

On my spare time, I love to read and enjoy inflicting new, healthy recipes that use whole foods on my family. And hike, bike, kayak, snowshoe, camp–anything outside. To relieve stress I exercise or use sledgehammers to demolish vast tracts of plaster or brick, I’m not really picky. I also serve on the board of an awesome little cooperative non-profit organization and am addicted to football. Not sure how that happened, but I’ve accepted it and moved on.

I’ve felt for a few years that the writer in me needed more of a daily writing outlet, but I’m not a journaler. I’ve tried, and become frustrated, so it’s just not worth it.

Blogging is much for fun. There are pictures! And the off chance that people might actually enjoy something I’ve written. And I get to interact with other writers and bloggers.

Marrying Jason really forced me into personal finance. That sounds terrible, but it turned out to be a wonderful gift for me. I’d always been okay at math and even did both our taxes when we were dating, but at some point he acknowledged that he was relieved that I liked managing our money, because he had no interest in it and, in fact, hated money. Well, someone had to do it and I jumped right in (not-so-secretly very happy because I’d been itching to run with it).

Along with personal finance, I’m into urban homesteading minus the chickens (refer to Things that Wiggle above), and clean eating, and figured I could roll those interests into one neat little package. Dust with a little home renovation project and it’s ready for public consumption.


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