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MOVED! Part Two

It only took me a week, but I finally learned how to install a subscribe box over at In the process, I’ve learned more than I thought existed about child themes, search engine optimization, and plugins.

I’ve only just begun to realize how much more I have to learn!

As I continue to learn more about blogging and get ready to unveil one of the three big projects I’ve been working on, I haven’t been posting too regularly. I’ve decided to post on Tuesday and Thursday at for the next few weeks so that there’s a predictable posting schedule. And I can always post more if I’m so inclined!

I hope to see you over at soon!



My lovely husband pointed out my complete ignorance of the ways of the internet last night. He said that I need to TELL people that I’ve moved my blog to it’s very own website, owned by me even.

WISERPERCENT! Address is actually wiserpercent (dot) com.

And if you subscribed to this blog by entering your email, you probably haven’t received any of the articles I posted this week.

Please go to WISERPERCENT and enter your email address in order to continue to receive my posts in you inbox.

Thank YOU for subscribing!


Big thanks to Virtual Assistant extraordinaire Jaime McClung, owner of Your Super VA!