Renovation Update Week 9

bathroom renovation

All this in one week!

The House

I painted the back of the house during nap time on two beautiful days last week. Fastest painting ever! Nothing motivates like not knowing when the kids will wake up.

After some light begging, my mom drove up for the weekend to be primary caregiver to the kids while I helped Jason with the house. We accomplished so much (THANKS, MOM!). Jason finished moving radiator pipes on Saturday morning. He filled the system, then had to drain it because there was a leak. Second time was the charm, and just in time for it to get down to 37 degrees on Satruday night!

Saturday at 1pm, Jason’s friend came to help for a few hours and they replaced the bathtub plumbing/faucets/shower and installed the tub surround. The tub surround was tough because the ceiling is so low that the surround had to be cut down on the top. When I say low, I mean that the shower sprayer hits me in the chest, and I’m 5’8″. We will definitely be installing a hand-held sprayer.

While they worked, I moved a few things that were left back into the laundry room, cleaned up some of Jason’s piles, and started painting the bathroom and vanity cabinet.

On Sunday I finished the painting–almost. I’ve decided to do one more coat on the vanity (4!) because it’s still not totally evenly white (I did finish that yesterday, on Wednesday afternoon). We found a beautiful blue in our Oops Paint collection–you know, the returned but custom-tinted paints at Home Depot and Lowe’s. $5 for a gallon of $25 paint. I check the paint desk every time I walk into one of these stores, and we probably bought this particular can of paint at least a few years ago. AND it covered beautifully in one coat. I like the color so much (and we have so much left) that I’m seriously considering painting the second floor bathroom the same color.

bathroom renovation

Almost there…

While I painted, Jason drilled a 4-inch hole through the side of the house to run the bathroom vent pipe through. The space he was working in was awkward and criss-crossed by about 5 pipes of various sizes and a few wires, too. After that was finished he installed the door jamb kit (pre-primed!) and started working on the $5 Construction Junction door.

Before hanging up my work clothes for the evening, I tackled the bathtub. This bathtub was, for 4-5 years, where Jason stored buckets of scrap to be recycled and his bike tire collection. It took 1.5 hours and shower cleaner, dish soap, Goo Gone and two different grits of sandpaper. I’m still sore.

Monday night, even though he was on solo bedtime duty, Jason finished the door and hung it.

Tuesday night while I was on solo bedtime duty he installed the medicine cabinet, the lights on either side, the door trim, and the doorknob.

Significant progress!

Laundry Room

  • Clean
  • Move things back in

Move radiator lines

  • Move living room radiator
  • Move 2nd floor bedroom pipes

Allegheny Millwork-Andy

  • Call with measurements for estimates
  • Order stairs


  • Finish mud
  • Prime (Christi)
  • Install door
  • Bathtub surround
  • Bathtub plumbing/faucets/shower
  • Vent/fan
  • Paint vanity (Christi)
  • Install vanity
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Lights & outlets
  • Trim
  • Paint trim (Christi)
  • Paint (Christi)
  • Clean fixtures & floor (Christi)-bathtub cleaned!
  • Install hand-held sprayer, shower curtain rod, toilet paper holder, hand towel & reg towel bars, robe hooks, washcloth holder(s), shelf, and some kind of wall-mount cabinet.

2nd floor bathroom

  • Plan
  • Build separation wall in kitchen

Donate old doors and windows

Paint back wall of house (christi)


  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Blocking


  • Make plan
  • Plan reviewed by electrician
  • Install Boxes
  • Run wires


OSB Walls


The Money

Grand total of $104.55 this week for a box of drywall screws, copper elbows, and a new faucet/shower combo and copper fittings for the bathroom.

We bought $400 in Home Depot gift cards from Giant Eagle last week, which we used for the above purchases. Our rewards credit card gives us 6% back on all grocery store purchases, and Giant Eagle gives us .10 per gallon of gas for ever $50 we spend. It’s an easy way to get a little discount on never-discounted building supplies.

The Kids

The kids enjoyed having their Nana all weekend and actually celebrated when they heard we were leaving.

The every-other-night solo bedtime duty is working very well. I had a board meeting one night and wrote on another, and Jason’s been feeling less guilty about going downstairs to work.

The Lovebirds

Nana gave us a date night on Friday night after she arrived. What did we do? We went to REI to buy shoes for J, went out to dinner, and then decided we were tired and had a full day on Saturday. We arrived home by 8:30pm.

But really, the whole weekend was a date since were in the basement working together with pretty minimal interruption.



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