Renovation Update Week 8

Jason sanding drywall mud

I’ve probably used this picture too much, but it makes me laugh!

The House

Jason finished sanding the last coat of drywall mud in the bathroom very early Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon I vacuumed up the drywall dust from the ceiling walls, fixtures and floors in the bathroom. While I was conquering dust, Jason was moving and repairing radiator pipes. That project, like most, ended up taking more time than estimated and pipes are still not together. Fortunately the weather is cooperating.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week are Jason’s nights to work downstairs, and then my mom will be in for a long weekend on Friday. She’s coming specifically to watch the kids so we can work on the house, so I’m hoping to see a few more things crossed off of this list next week!

A friend of ours, who happens to be a former boss of Jason’s, contacted us about someone he knows who makes stairs locally. That means someone reads my blog! It also means a local craftsman, an option which we’d prefer to see our money support. Our contractor is installing the stairs and has a relationship with Allegheny Millwork, so we’re going to get estimates from both. If the local craftsman comes close to the contractor pricing for Allegheny Millwork, we’ll be introducing our contractor to someone new.

Look, just look–we crossed THREE things off of the list in the last 7 days! If nothing else, this blog certainly keeps us accountable for how we’re spending our time and motivates us to work.

Laundry Room

  • Clean
  • Move things back in

Move radiator lines

  • Move living room radiator
  • Move 2nd floor bedroom pipes

Allegheny Millwork-Andy

  • Call with measurements for estimates
  • Order stairs


  • Finish mud
  • Prime (Christi)
  • Install door
  • Bathtub surround
  • Vent/fan
  • Paint vanity (Christi)
  • Install vanity
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Lights & outlets
  • Trim
  • Paint trim (Christi)
  • Paint (Christi)
  • Clean fixtures & floor (Christi)

2nd floor bathroom

  • Plan
  • Build separation wall in kitchen

Donate old doors and windows

Paint back wall of house (christi)


  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Blocking


  • Make plan
  • Plan reviewed by electrician
  • Install Boxes
  • Run wires


OSB Walls


The Money

Jason ordered some copper fittings from McMaster-Carr totaling $26.81 in order to move some radiator pipes.

The Kids

When Paige heard the shop vac running early Saturday morning, she asked, “Where Mr. Bryan?” Mr. Bryan Holland is our contractor, and Paige thought he was awesome (as did we!). We’re switching to an every-other-night bedtime duty, so Jason will have three nights each week from 7-10pm to work on the house.

The Lovebirds

We’re working to adjust to a very different pace of life. We usually spend an evening or two each week with friends, but we need to work on the house and write and it’s become hard to make that time. Jason and I keep trying to remind ourselves that it’s not forever, and the more time we put in now, the less time this house will drag on/the sooner my work will reap financial reward (thereby funding the house project and finishing it more quickly). Some blogger I read this week said that with very young kids, schools, careers taking off, civic obligations and volunteering, this will be the busiest time of his life. I couldn’t agree more.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I think that’s why it makes me laugh!

    And did you notice–things publicly checked off the list–woohoo!

  2. Posted by Jason on October 2, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Regarding the photo: No, I’m not a giant. The basement ceilings are really that low.

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