Friday Food: A Weekend Trip

This past weekend Jason and I attended the Mother Earth News Conference in Seven Springs, PA, about an hour away from our home. I’ll write up a recap soon because it was a great place to learn how to do and make just about anything you can think of that revolves around food, livestock. gardening, home, or energy.

But for now, I’ll tell you how we frugally prepare for a weekend trip.

Even though our lodging was free, we didn’t have much to spend on food. That whole renovation thing is looming, along with a family wedding in San Francisco in a few weeks.

On our first weekend alone in 4 years and 8 months (but who’s counting?), neither of us wanted to spend time cooking. But eating out is expensive, and we don’t like much fast food.

Before our trip, I went to Trader Joe’s. That’s the secret, right there. Of course, you could go to any grocery store, but that’s just what I was nearby when it occurred to me that we should pack a few meals rather than eating out the whole weekend. I really did put exactly that much thought into it.

I bought a roasted vegetable frozen pizza, toaster waffles, fruit and vegetables that traveled well, and fruit and vegetables for juicing (of course I took the juicer!). I also packed up most of the fruit we had in the fridge. Let me stop here and say that we don’t usually eat toaster waffles or frozen pizza, preferring whole foods, but there is a reason these things are made. They taste fine, they are convenient, and are much less expensive than eating out!

I have a sturdy box that I keep in our storage “area” (read: shelf) and use that to pack food and the juicer to take to my mom’s when I visit. With that and one of our small, soft coolers, I packed quite a bit of food. We also took coffee, creamer, sugar, already assembled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and some cookies. And some wine.

For both breakfasts we had toaster waffles, asian pear, clementines, fresh green juice, and coffee. Lunch on Saturday consisted of pb&j sandwiches, carrots and apples eaten on the fly during and between sessions. Saturday evening we found an inexpensive restaurant and treated ourselves by taking two pieces of cake back to the condo. Sunday we bought both an early lunch and late lunch (both small meals) at the conference, managing to snag the very last drops of chili from an amazing vegan mobile food vendor.

A vendor who is locally-based but for whom I can find no contact info on the web! Ranita’s. Anyone know it?


Do you pack any food when you travel?



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