Renovation Update Week 7

Jason sanding drywall mud

This picture still makes me laugh.

The House

Other than finishing the drywall mud in the bathroom (Jason) and the cleaning in the laundry room (me), we took much of the last week off.

We did make our punch list, somewhat in order of priority, that we hope to accomplish during the contractor’s hiatus over the next couple of months. Anything with an asterisk will be mostly or entirely hired out. Here you go…

Laundry Room

  • Clean
  • Move things back in

Move radiator lines

  • Move living room radiator
  • Move 2nd floor bedroom pipes

Allegheny Millwork-Andy

  • Call with measurements for estimates
  • Order stairs


  • Finish mud
  • Prime (Christi)
  • Install door
  • Bathtub surround
  • Vent/fan
  • Paint vanity (Christi)
  • Install vanity
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Lights & outlets
  • Trim
  • Paint trim (Christi)
  • Paint (Christi)
  • Clean fixtures & floor (Christi)

2nd floor bathroom

  • Plan
  • Build separation wall in kitchen

Donate old doors and windows


  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Blocking


  • Make plan
  • Plan reviewed by electrician
  • Install Boxes
  • Run wires


OSB Walls


The Money

No money spent! I suspect this will be the last week that happens for a long time!

The Kids

Nothing new to report.

The Lovebirds

First weekend away from our kids where one of us isn’t in a hospital. Enough said.


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