Renovation Update Week 6

Drywall dust mitigation

Jason cleaning up drywall dust in between coats of mud.

The House

We’ve enjoyed showing off our fledgling renovation project to our friends and family over the last week. It’s such a stark contrast to the crammed-full-of-junk rooms that the first floor used to be.

This weekend we were on the receiving end of the Homeowner’s Co-op, so there was an extra set of hands (and another strong back!). Jason and his friend worked in the basement laundry room (not actually a laundry room, but a large room with the laundry area in one corner). They fastened wires and pipes to the new floor joists above and cleaned a little, while I cleaned off one of the workbenches in the middle room and then sanded the drywall mud in the basement bathroom. It was a very, very dirty day. This, after showering and looking all nice a few hours before for our family photo swap.

Basement Laundry Room looking to workshop

Basement “laundry room” that will be mostly storage when I finish cleaning it. this view is looking from the back door into the workshop.

Then I emptied out the upright freezer that’s been living in our kitchen for the last three months and the guys carried it downstairs. Boy, was I glad not to have that job again! The going up two flights of winding stairs left my back sore for days. As a bonus, taking everything out and then putting it back in allowed me to quickly organize the freezer.

Basement laundry room

Basement laundry room looking towards the back of the house.

The Money

We’ve spent a little over $8 on 2x4s this week (giftcards covered the rest), so no significant spending right now. I’m guessing over the next three or four weeks, we won’t spend much.

The Kids

Nothing new to report.

The Lovebirds

I realized this afternoon that I’ve had to remind Jason (twice in the last 24 hours) of the next items on our punch list that we recently talked over.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot to accomplish and an order in which we need to work on our projects during the contractor’s hiatus. I think he and I should sit down and put our plan for this time in writing so we (I’m guilty, too!) don’t get distracted by some project thats more gratifying but less of a priority.


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