A Wonderful, but Not-So-Frugal Weekend

laptop computer

photo by maljam2002

This weekend we had 9 people to our home, sharing three different meals with each one. Some planned, some not so planned. This part was wonderful, lots of fun, and frugal. Everyone brought something to share for the meal, and there were lots of laughs. It’s so much more fun for kids (and much easier on their parents, too!) to have a meal at a home than in a restaurant.

I also tackled some gardening and harvested tomatoes and 4 butternut squash from our tiny backyard garden.


Here are the not so fugal parts:

  • I bought two birthday cakes, rather than making the cupcakes I’d planned. Being in town only four days made me prioritize my time.
  • We ordered pizza when I forgot about dinner Saturday evening. Dinner always happens, same time every day. So how could I forget? This was just laziness.
  • We went out for drinks to celebrate a friend’s promotion. Worth it: We loved seeing and supporting our friend, met some lovely people, and didn’t drink much.
  • I destroyed our MacBook. The MacBook on which I am currently trying to make a living. I won’t go into details, but I’d like to state here that my husband was right and I was wrong, and that he’s the most patient and kind person I know. I’ll either freecycle the hanging plants that leak or find very inexpensive new pots that don’t leak this week.

That last one made me pretty sick. I couldn’t blame it on anyone but myself, and I felt terrible not being more careful. Unfortunately, we need to replace it, and quickly. Jason’s uncle reminded me that it’s just a thing, which I had been telling myself but not really listening to. But it really is just a thing, and an easily replaced, tax-deductible thing at that.

Stay tuned for the computer shopping saga!




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  1. […] It just so happens that I recently started trying to make money again and that computer was my master plan and key, all rolled into one. And our computer was in great shape, and computers aren’t cheap. I was a little distraught for a bit before I remembered that a computer is just a thing. […]

  2. We thought of that but if I buy used through a source other than a company, I can’t deduct it from my taxes. And since I wouldn’t be replacing it so quickly if I weren’t working, I’m definitely deducting it. Thanks for the offer of the discount help. Every little bit counts! I’m pretty sure Jason can get the discount, but I still need to call and see what they need to verify him as faculty (you know that works at the Apple store, too, right?)

  3. […] Welcome « A Wonderful, but Not-So-Frugal Weekend […]

  4. Posted by Jenee on August 28, 2012 at 11:27 am

    The mac might not be so bad to replace. I suspect lots of college kids will be trading up on their computers very soon, and I bet if you wanted to you could probably find a barely used one from one of the CMU tech kids pretty easily. College students and faculty also get discounts on computers at the bookshop (usually $100 or so off on a Mac), so if you know any they may be able to help you out and let you use their discount 🙂

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