Around the Web: Coffee Shop

I’m writing this morning at a coffee shop. It’s certainly not a frugal thing to do, but sometimes it helps me to get out of my house. The dirty laundry, dirty dishes, wilting plants, unmade bed, and unweeded garden can be very, very distracting. As can the contractor, whose randomly starting and stopping pounding, table saw, and air compressor certainly make for a lively environment in my house.

I’m only in town for 3+ days this weekend before I leave for another week, and I’m trying to cram a lot of activities into that time. Hopefully, I’ll get to that list of household stuff, but right now, some quiet work time is more important.

Here are some good articles that caught my eye this week:

Coping With Unplanned Medical Expenses @getrichslowly: Jason’s company doesn’t offer an FSA, so we set aside a set amount each month into an account that we use only for medical expenses. Any surprise expenses that surpass what we have saved come out of our emergency fund.

The Ultimate Cloth vs. Disposable Diaper Calculator Y’all know I love a good calculator!

Would you rather save for your child’s future in a piggy bank or a real bank? @cleverdude: This reminds me of my dad telling me about going through his dad’s clothes and other items after he died. Apparently, he and my grandma had to be very careful to check every nook and cranny of an item before they donated it.

How am I paying off $109,000 in credit card debt? @enemy of debt: I’ve always wondered how debt reduction programs work. Looks like the first few months would be a little scary, but that this program in particular seems to be working.


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