Foodie Friday: Green Juice

I recently bought a juicer and shortly after that, I gave up caffeine. Why would I do such a crazy thing?

Juice, that’s why.

A caveat here: I believe there’s more nutritional value to eating the entire plant rather than simply the extracted juice. My attitude about the juicer is that the juice I make is a bonus. I don’t count it if I ever sit down and think about how many servings of fruit and vegetables my family is eating every day. And I’m drinking kale at 6am instead of coffee loaded up with cream and sugar (the only way I like coffee), so I consider that a definite step up. Especially since Jason and I don’t like kale. It’s a texture thing. We keep trying it in recipes, but juice and smoothies are our favorite way to eat this superfood.

Below is our favorite juice recipe so far. Jason loves it, will drink as much as I make, asks for more, and is thrilled when I make him a jar and leave it in the fridge before I leave town.

Oh, and the kids drink it. Happily, and while making approving slurping noises. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite Green Juice

1 large bunch of kale, about 20 leaves with stems

3 smallish green apples (cored when I know the kids will be drinking some)

8 carrots, ends cut off

1 large cucumber, peeled

1 lemon, roughly peeled with a knife

Wash everything and cut apples if you don’t want the seeds. Peeling the cucumber and lemon is pure personal preference. We feel that the juice is a little too bitter with those left on. Bunch the kale up with one or two carrots–that helps keep it from being spun out without juicing in our. This makes enough for a family of four to have large, age-appropriate glasses of juice.

I read that the leftover pulp could be used to make a savory turnover, so I think I might try that soon by juicing the kale, carrots and cucumber first, saving that pulp to cook with, and then juicing the lemon and apples.

Right now, all the pulp is fed to our worms, who are devouring it. I think they’re happy to have the food so easily edible.


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