The Reluctant Spender

Holding a wad of cash

by 401(k)2012

After an unfortunate series of events wiped out every penny of our emergency savings two years ago, earlier this year Jason and I finally reached a number in our savings that we feel somewhat comfortable with.

It’s not the goal number, but it’s a bit over the minimum we both needed to feel secure.

We’ve said no to dinners out with friends, found free fun alternatives to more expensive activities with our kids, and simply not spent money if we ran out of room in that category for the month. In short, we’ve worked for that savings cushion, and it hasn’t been that easy. 

And by this Friday, we will have spent about a third of that money.

I’m having a hard time with that, and frankly, I’m surprised that I’m having a hard time. Beginning this remodel in earnest has taken a huge weight off of Jason and I. We are more chipper and positive than we’ve been in a long time, and that says a lot, because remodeling is stressful. Knowing we were going to spend this money intellectually was fine. Emotionally, I don’t want to let go of that money!

I think that money represents a series of sacrifices, as well as making me feel more secure.

I have to remind myself that we’ve reserved half of it as an emergency fund that won’t be touched for the remodel (unless something big goes wrong). And the contractor is worth every single penny. 

Maybe what’s bothering me is how quickly it’s being spent? Feel free to weigh in! And I’d love to hear how you feel when you spend something on a very large but planned expense.


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