Good Reads: Traveling

We’re moving from family home to family home in a two-state area while the construction is going on. We were home briefly yesterday morning and the floor was shaking during the hammering.

We’ll be home tonight and tomorrow morning, and then away again for a week.

It’s challenging with kids, but we’re into our third week of barely being home and I’m starting to actually enjoy it. I’m taking minimal packing to a whole new level, and with an almost-two year old and a just-turned-four year old, I consider that a big accomplishment.

As long as I keep most of the routine going for the kids, they’re pretty happy, and they’re thrilled to be spending so much time with their three sets of grandparents who live in this two-state area. And when we are with Jason, we make sure to have lots of quality family time with walks, bike rides, playgrounds, snuggling, playing and reading.

Here’s what’s caught my eye on the internet recently.

The Power of Personal Responsibility @getrichslowly: I constantly remind my children that they’re making a choice, and I often say it to myself. Even not choosing is a choice.

Our New Monster Cash Account @budgetsaresexy: This article was a great reminder to set specific goals and parameters in our budgeting process so that we feel comfortable with what we have saved, no matter what that number is.

Children and Money @frugalbabe: Our oldest just turned four and we’ve been trying to decide whether or not to give him an allowance to teach him about money management. We’re leaning towards this $4/month idea.

Making a Grand Entrance @misadventuresinremodeling: I love reading about others’ remodeling projects, especially when they include lots of photos.


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