The State of Our Health Insurance

doctor and patient

In my home, we all have relatively low-cost, high-quality health insurance, and for that we are very, very grateful. I’m the only one who doesn’t have vision insurance, and we all also have dental insurance. We haven’t had dental or vision for the last 7 months, so we were very happy when it was again offered by Jason’s employer.

Here’s the breakdown: Jason is ensured through his employer, as am I. The cost is approximately $200/month for health, vision, and dental for him, and for health and dental for me. Not bad, right?

However, we were completely spoiled by his previous employer. We paid nothing (!) for Jason’s insurance and, when I was trying to decide whether or not to stay home with our first, they offered to pay for my insurance, completely, in lieu of a raise that year. And that arrangement lasted for a few years before we had to start thinking about insurance for ourselves again.

For the kids, however, we buy insurance through the state. Pennsylvania offers a wonderful program called CHIPS where your payment is calculated according to your income and family size. They’ve always received excellent care, and almost all of the doctors we have wanted to visit were covered. Not to mention that when either child has made even the tiniest threat of a developmental delay, services were mobilized and excellent therapists procured when needed.

I’m curious to see how or if this will change under Obamacare–I can’t imagine much will change.


My problem, and it’s a good one to have, is that I’m currently juggling three different health insurance, dental, and vision companies. I can’t keep straight whose is whose, what is covered when, and how much I owe for even the most simple services. I think I need a system for keeping this information together and easily accessible, but I’m stumped.

Also, Jason and I go to one set of doctors, while the kids go to another. I’m having trouble keeping track of all that as well.

Another thing that stumps me? Why don’t the children receive dental insurance cards? I find it strange that I have to keep a member number on a post-it in my wallet.


How do you keep track of insurance information? If you have kids, do you try to all go to the same doctors or do you all go to different doctors? I’d love to hear how others keep this information straight! 


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