J’s Morning Art Time

J likes art.

Loves art. LOVES. ART.

Almost every morning after breakfast, he runs and gets his art tote and some paper and sits across from me at the table, creating a new masterpiece.

What I didn’t anticipate are the great conversations we’re having while he does art, and the fun stories he tells me while he’s drawing.

Today, he decided he wanted one of his dry erase books. I hit an incredible deal at Hooked on Phonics (this from the proponent of letting kids find their way into reading and writing naturally, but man! these books have been great entertainment on car and plane trips!), and bought a dry erase picture dictionary and a Spanish words dictionary. Most of the time he just scribbles on the pages. Cool with me. He’s having fun, I’m having fun.

Today, however, he sat still for half an hour tracing each letter on each page, one by one, A to Z.

I have never seen such focus.

Or such cute blond curls.Image


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