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Bulk Cooking Coming Up!

I’m sick (again), and J isn’t feeling too well either. But he played by himself this morning for almost an hour, giving me enough time to compile recipes for my bulk cooking extravaganza.

I’ll post the full list later, but it involves lots of food. Lots. The only reason I’m doing something so ambitious is that my mom will be in town for a week. I need twice as much food right now, and J is eating like crazy, too. Hopefully, this bulk cooking will stock our freezers for at least a month with healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners.

My mom is bringing up several ingredients I needed that were pretty expensive (olive oil, red wine vinegar, safflower oil) AND helping me cook, so I’ll be sending her home with lots of meals to put in her freezer.

First up this weekend, the prep cooking: 2 batches of rice, 1 crockpot batch of kidney beans, one of pinto beans, 1 loaf of white bread, 2 loaves of wheat bread, and browning many pounds of ground beef.

Thanks goodness for crockpots, rice cookers and bread machines!