Deductible, Shmemucktible

We had our first doctor’s (actually, midwives) appointment last night, and I feel like we can now tell everyone. We do have to jump through a few hoops, though. One of those is going to a consult to figure out why J was early, and what we can do to have a full term baby this go round.

Sure to involve lots of poking and prodding. Definitely not looking forward to that part!

Today I got on the horn and talked to my insurance company for a while. I knew I had a deductible, but had no idea what that meant. What I needed to know, specifically, was how much money we need to have put aside before I go into labor.

The answer: $2500.

That doesn’t include co-pays, either, which are $20 for every doctor’s office I walk into. And there will be lots of offices to walk into over the next few months.

My deductible is $1250. I’m betting on having to pay the whole thing, since whether we give birth at the Midwife Center or the hospital, it’s likely going to cost more than that.

If Peanut is born early, P will likely need to be hospitalized for a while. Get this: the first three days, the baby is on my deductible, but on the fourth day, the baby becomes her/his own insured entity. With his/her own deductible. Hence the $2500. Ugh.

Nope, there’s nothing wrong with America’s insurance. Nothing at all. Except that $2500 to us is a gigantic expense.

Gotta go, I have to scrounge up some stuff to sell on Craigslist!


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