I need to make some extra money. Well, I don’t really need to, but Jason and I have decided to beef up our emergency fund due to a situation that happened at his job recently, and because we’re expecting another baby. After what happened around and after J’s birth, we want to make sure we are again financially prepared for whatever comes our way in 6.5 months.

So expecting that this baby, too, will be early, we’ve cleared our calendars for two months before my due date and started to save every penny we can. No travel past July 31st! I might not even venture into the suburbs!

Back to Craigslist: We have Stuff. Not just stuff, but Stuff. Jason is a Keeper of All Things, and I am an enabler. We live in 6 rooms of a large rowhouse that may or may not be remodeled by 2020. These rooms are brimming, and we’re going to add another human to the mix. Argh.

Case in point: On the left we have a Mingle Tray. I have held onto these for years because a now-deceased friend whom I loved gave them to me. But these trays are not her–I still have my memories of her, and pictures, and a few useful gifts that she did give me. They’re useful, and very cool, just not for me.

I have taken many photos, but need to take many more. And I need to start listing like crazy.

I’m a minimalist on Craigslist. I don’t put what I paid for it, because nobody cares and that usually means a person is trying to get too much for something. Instead, I look at the item and say “If I were buying it off of Craigslist, what number would draw me in? And what would I try to negotiate to?” Yes, I negotiate on Craigslist, unless the person is very clear that it isn’t welcome in the ad. Frankly, I try to negotiate the prices of most things, unless I feel it wouldn’t be fair (the price of something for a school fundraiser, for example).

Besides, having this item sit around, unused, is actually costing me money. My son’s crib could fit there, and then we might all be able to sleep for three hours (or more!) at a time because someone’s snoring/bathroom run/etc hasn’t woken everyone else up, and I might be more productive during my days.

Well, my son’s crib won’t fit in this space exactly, but it is a large, heavy filing cabinet. Wonder how much to list it for? Solid oak with pull out table-$50?

I usually list things throughout a week and then first thing Sunday morning I post the listing. In my Criagslist experience, I get the most legitimate interest, with many people able to pick up the same day. The only exception to that is when I won’t be around a computer on a Sunday (I don’t have a web-enabled cell phone), and then I just post them as I list them.

Note to anyone interested in cloth diapering: buy used (or new, unused) diapers off of Craigslist as you find them so that you can figure out what kind you like. Then sell the remainder for what you bought them for. I’ve made back all of the money I spent on the diapers we ended up not liking or not using. Diapers sell like hotcakes!

Happy selling!


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