Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers to you, on this heart-shaped day!

Jason and I don’t celebrate it, never have, but we respect that other people like to. He did, however, make a grocery store run AND took J, so I had two hours of blissful silence. And he used coupons. sniff, sniff. I’m so proud.

I was a florist in a past life, and hated watching the men come in every year, knowing they had to buy flowers, candy and a card, but not knowing what to get. I never want someone to feel like they have to get me something specific. That’s no fun!

He came home from WholeFoods with two bunches of beautiful, unopened tulips. They’re one of my favorites because I get to watch them open. Purple and white, just gorgeous. But no, he didn’t have to buy them!

We do celebrate the day we quit smoking: February 22, 2006. Now THAT’S a worthy holiday.


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