Cut and Dry

How is it possible that I again have three weeks worth of unclipped coupons sitting in a neglected pile on my bookshelf? And I didn’t even buy newspapers last week!

I’m considering a switch to buying only the inserts online. It’s about the cost of buying a Sunday paper, but I think it might be more environmentally friendly than buying 4-6 papers every week and immediately throwing most of them in the recycle bin.

I did manage to get to Walgreens today and buy a pack of $3.99 Huggies diapers and a $4.99 Rembrandt whitening kit. I’ve never whitened teeth, and don’t know that I really care, so I may just give it away. I had planned on getting another pack of diapers, but the Walgreens I went to (a new one for me) has a policy of allowing only one transaction per customer. Yuck! I didn’t argue at all, and just smiled and rearranged my puchases and handed the lady some things to put back, but I won’t be shopping at that location again unless Jason is with me and it’s a free or almost-free deal.

If anyone is wondering, it’s the Walgreens on Rt. 8 just up from Etna, across from the vintage Giant Eagle.


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