It snowed a bit on Friday night.

20 inches in our backyard, to be exact. In a spot without drifts! And that was at 8:30am, but it continued to pour down the snow until after noon yesterday.

We had fun playing, shoveling, and playing some more. The entire neighborhood had fun watching Jack have so much fun. There’s something about a toddler in a lot of snow that’s just so cute!

Unfortunately, Saturday was my designated work day. The Mr. and I had blocked off the entire day for me to do an interview and lots of research for some articles coming due February 15th. Needless to say, none of that happened (and neither did my Christmas gift massage from my brother-in-law and his fiancee–I’m sad about that!) and I was a little stressed for an hour or so. Then I realized that my sinus infection was making me feel terrible, and the nausea from the pregnancy made everything even worse. Whine! A forced day of rest was probably exactly what my body needed, and I do feel much better today.

I can mention my very new pregnancy here because I likely don’t have any readers yet, so I don’t have to worry about word getting out!

So, no work for me, and a little stressed today, but getting ready to do as much work as I can this morning while The Mr. & Jack play. I’ve rescheduled my interview for 4pm and The Mr. has offered to play chauffer and entertain Jack at the coffee shop while I do my thing.

Big Deep Breath. I will get it all done. I will get it all done.

My beautiful, loving, supportive mother arrives on Thursday to stay with us for a very long weekend so that I can work non-stop until everything is finished. What would I do without her??

The real question is: will I have enough time this evening to make loaded nachos before the Superbowl starts?


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